Thursday, 5 May 2016

Using maths to optimise steroid regimens

Efficient solution of the most difficult Sudokus requires an appreciation of the conditions under which numbers are exchangeable, or at least the learning of rules of thumb that can be derived from such an appreciation.
Exchanging steroids, a necessity for many patients who do not thrive on a particular regime (see BMJ ref. in a previous post), also requires an understanding of the parameters that need to be matched. Merely exchanging based on daily dose equivalence is insufficient.
Perhaps that is why so many Australian patients with Addison's disease are reporting poor treatment outcomes on social media, and, unlike other countries, so few are reporting any sporting achievement.
And rather than believe those ignorant doctors who say that social media does not constitute evidence, check out the peer reviewed research publication showing that useful information on disease patterns in society can be determined from tweets, (Lee et al J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2015)

Number gnomes have hidden the middle of this standard puzzle, but not to worry. They have actually helped you by showing where you don't need to look to find the next cell value. Do you see the pattern?

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