Friday, 8 July 2016

So you think muesli and sushi are healthy?

A comparison of two isocaloric diets for a diabetic with blood sugar control as the endpoint. Some carbohydrates in menu 1 were replaced with fat of equal caloric value and insulin was optimised in each case.
The diet with a higher proportion of fat produced much better blood sugar control for Dave. How well will it work for you? The scientific way to test this is to perform an N-of-1 trial.
If you are keen, learn the technique yourself, because most doctors don't have a clue how to do it.

Pic from nz herald.

Friday, 1 July 2016

A conference of 21 EU scientists in Parma concluded there was insufficient evidence to conclude that drinking water eases dehydration.

Brexit has brought into prominence EU edicts that their loopy academics have forced onto the UK.
Banning diabetics with purely nocturnal hypoglycaemia from driving meant people lost their licences unnecessarily. The 1994 EU regulation that bananas be "free from abnormal curvature", and not sold in large hands was "daft"

But how could a conference of 21 EU scientists in Parma concluded there was insufficient evidence to conclude that drinking water eases dehydration?

It is the same lack of logic that enables doctors to conclude that low carb diets do not work. When academics with absolutely no common sense insist that a large randomised trial analyzed by intention to treat must be published before anything can be listed as a possible treatment, both water for dehydration, and low carb diets for diabetics are rejected.

And as many have said before, it also leads to the conclusion that there is no evidence that parachutes work. After all, it is only a series of anecdotal cases that supports their use.

 James Heckman won a Nobel prize for showing how wrong these academics are. Unfortunately most doctors are too under-educated to comprehend the implications of his work.

Doctors try to ban social media posts on alternative treatments.

After years reading thousands of web pages and social media threads from around the world, I am unable to find anyone my age with T1D and Addison's who is even close to being able to do all the activities I engage in on a regular basis. And that is coming from someone whose only sporting award at school was for chess.
I attribute this to my novel non-pharmacological methods, most of which have still not been revealed in any forum.
Yet Canberra doctors have described my methods as inappropriate without even knowing what they are.
They have refused to allow me to present them in any departmental meeting. Apparently they consider their current treatment methods to be perfect, despite  ample evidence to the contrary.
As the excepts from the letter below show, they also believe they have the power to prevent me from posting details of my success on social media and stating that the methods I use are not even close to current Australian guidelines.

Their use of legal thuggery against me is pure harassment. But it will not stop me skiing, running and bouldering this winter in a way which no one my age and with my diseases can match. A dozen bottles of expensive wine to the first person to prove me wrong.